Dog Friendly Beaches in France have always been hard to find in summer but recently they have become very rare indeed.

We want to help dog lovers find the perfect beach that will welcome them in France. You will find special free listings for the various dog friendly beaches with full descriptions, pictures, features and detailed directions or access plans.

Anyone can post a free beach listing on the All Dog Friendly website and the review section can be used for visitors to comment on the accuracy of the information.

From each listing you can use the links section to quickly jump to official dog friendly beaches and parks resources such as which provides an up to date list of some dog friendly beaches in France.

As you can see from the our map, some regions play along to accommodate pets (Alpes Maritimes, Var, Pyr?n?es-Orientales). Others are very poor performers, like the Pyrenees-Atlantiques region (no dog friendly beach we can find, do you know better?), the Bouches du Rh?ne region (only one beach) or the H?rault region where there is a sandy coast with only two dog friendly beaches.

Some municipalities are more tolerant with dogs in winter. Therefore, some beaches are banned in summer but not in winter. Those beaches are listed as dog friendly to guarantee optimum availability but check the details where the summer closure is mentioned.

All Dog Friendly is the only directory to visit as many beaches in France as possible and make the information accessible for free.


In seaside resorts where dogs are generally not allowed, it is possible to go on a private beach as some of them are dog friendly and may be linked to a hotel or holiday village.

While we try to keep the details as up to date as possible, we cannot visit every beach in France every year so it could be that the regulations have changed in some municipalities since we were last there.

Please check the details before you travel.

Most of all, enjoy dog friendly beaches in France with your best friend. If you come across a new gem on your travels remember can add Dog Friendly Beaches to the map for free.